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So, ich melde mich zurück. Die Wochen seid dem letzten Outfit-post wurden für die Schule geopfert. Die gute Nachricht - nicht mehr so lange und es ist um. Die schlechte - bis dahin werde ich kaum Zeit für den Blog aufbringen können. Versuchen werde ich es trotzdem denn das hier ist das was mir Spaß macht und ein bisschen Zeit für Dinge die einem spaß machen sollte sich doch finden lassen. Ich hoffe es zumindest. Für zwischendrin - mal wieder ein Instagram-Rückblick.
Black & White with my favorite 2nd hand 80s sweater // the sweater - again. In my room // A lil' cooking session with wonderful people. Where the boy stood there and watched how the girls prepared the dinner
Dust remove the baby aka Nikon analog camera. Thats love // the first picture I shot... its about the shadow if you don't get it // thoughts..
When your best friend turns you into a christmas tree // about the christmas walk which felt like spring // Thats maybe the reason why I'm addicted to ice cream. My brother fed me with ice cream instead of normal food.
Blurred pictures are my favourites. I like that time in cities the most. Early evenings with a colored sky. // Sunny saturday in the city having the 'real' chai latte & lil' chocolate treats // In the elevator with my headband which I got from bae
That was the night from 2k15 to 2k16. NYE. // My new years eve essentials // a perfect day with the girl which felt like it was the first day of "real" winter cause it was the first time it was cold
Can't wait to explore everything // another analog of the trainstation. used the wrong film but its beautiful anyways.. cause it is how it is. Nobody can change how it was in that moment. Its a real snap shot // about the sunny days in winter. Analog again. 



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